Adorable Wedding Dresses for Your Big Day

dressHave you been dreaming of those beautiful wedding dresses in Long Island, NY bridal shops? Strolling everyday from those streets can be heartwarming and now, it is your time to shine from the rest of the world. It is time to look for the best gown that you can wear on your wedding day and from one of those wedding dresses in Long Island, NY will be the perfect fit. If you are having a spring wedding event, these choices might come in handy:

Off-the Shoulder Gown

When you are having a spring wedding, you can opt for a dress that will stand out. An off-the-shoulder wedding dress is the most intimate kind of dress that you can wear on your upcoming wedding event. This type of dress is ideal when paired with chunky art deco wedding jewelry. This is also one of the hottest neckline trend this wedding season and it will make you look super duper gorgeous when you started walking down the aisle of flowers. This dress is also perfect for sexy bridal portrait.


If you want to add some drama on your wedding dress, you can totally add a dramatic lace cape to it. It is a great convertible for brides-to-be that you can have in your wedding day. Capes are perfect to make you look different and conservative. It is also the perfect piece to complete your dress and make it one of a kind.


Wanna look like a queen in your wedding day? This high lighted touch for wedding dresses is the new trend of the season. For a spring wedding dress, adding a collar will make you look like royalty. It will add elegance and sophistication to your silhouette and it will make you look fashionable in a royal way. Get married in a castle and wear a wedding dress like this so that it will fit the theme.


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