Knowing the Service Inch-by-inch — 5 Tips on What to Ask Your Wedding Photographer before Booking

Talking to one of your probable photographers for your wedding might be very awkward during the first meeting. You can compare it to you first ever date. During the first meeting, you need to be very critical in finding the chemistry so that you can really tell that the person right in front of you is the perfect choice to be your wedding photographer.

To be able to guide you along the process of first meeting, here are the 5 tips on what to ask best wedding photographers before booking:

 Can you provide to me the wedding portfolios of your work?

Start the conversation by asking this so that the photographer will have a chance to present and explain his or her work. Check the entire wedding photos so that you can determine if the photographer is consistent.

How long have you been covering for weddings?

When you ask this question, also inquire if he or she could provide some references and recommendations. You can also ask for the contacts and the references so you can call them and ask if the service is indeed good. Longevity in the business can also mean that the techniques and styles in photography have already been refined. But take note that sometimes, longevity does not translate to creativity of the work. There are newcomers that are shooting amazing photos.

How much will it cost me if I get the service? Can you give me some discounts?

Pricing is very important. Most wedding photography studios may charge higher depending on the number of photos and hours of work rendered by the photographers. Asking for packages will also help you lower the cost. Make use of your natural charm in getting discounts. Just be friendly and accommodating so that the goodness in you will also reciprocate.

Who are the photographers that you will provide? What are the equipment that will be used?

Knowing your photographers will be very important. Make sure that the ones who will work on your wedding event are the photographers that you prefer. Every photographer has his or her own style of taking photos so you must be very picky. Aside from the style, the photo’s crispness and clearness will also depend on the camera being used. Make sure that the provider is using state of the art digital equipment to ensure top quality results.

When can I get all of my wedding photos? Do you have a contract?

The faster the turnaround, the better the service becomes. Some studios are taking forever in order to finish a wedding album due to their overbooked schedule. Make sure that the studio you are dealing with can come up with the album edit in just a short period of time. Before they could come up with the final album, you must work with them to pick the perfect photos to be placed in the collection. Before finishing the conversation, never forget to touch the topic about contract. Make sure that you always ask for the written legal agreement in order to protect your right as a customer.

Never forget these 5 tips on what to ask your wedding photographer before booking to ensure that you never missed anything. With these questions answered by your provider, you can confidently say that “I’ve made the right choice”.