Finest Bridal Photographer Options

Wedding PhotographyWedding is a rarity these days as only few couples are deciding to settle down and tie the knot. Since this is a special moment of your life, you cannot let it pass without being documented by professional photographers. In New York alone, there are thousands of photographers specialized in bridal photography. Wedding photographers in NYC NY could be availed in different forms. It is up to you which one will you choose depending on your style.

Ryan Brenizer
One of the most refined photographers in NYC is Ryan Brenizer. He is indeed respected in his field; among the feathers in his cap is being an author, educator, photojournalist and a bridal photographer. His work is a resemblance of fine-arts in different or mix mediums. Visit his site to check his portfolio.

Elizabeth Lloyd
If you want a contemporary style, you can pick Elizabeth. She has an impressive background in fine arts, editorial and documentary. She can also travel together with the couple in order to shoot photos. Most of all, her style is to capture the personal style of the couple.

Karen Hill
She is not your ordinary NYC New York wedding photographers. She had a master’s degree in photography from one of the renowned school of art, Yale. With her extraordinary talent in fine-art photography, once can expect a beautiful wedding portfolio.

Roey Yohai
Most sophisticated couples in New York hire this wedding photographers in NYC NY due to his unique style. He has been shooting photos in different locations, from chateaux of France down to the busy streets of NYC. Check his site for more information.

These personalities or renowned wedding photographers in NYC NY could be your main options. But if you want more, you can always make use of bridal directories in New York. Choose for the award winning and trusted providers to make the most out of your money.

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