Bohemian Wedding Style in the Woods

Bohemian wedding is considered as one of the most popular wedding style today. Such idea is perfect during summer. You can also hold the wedding in the woods wedding venues in Austin, TX. Boho wedding doesn’t just end in wearing flowers and bohemian clothing; it is also incorporating the earth elements and embodies the spirit of nature.

Some couples who live in the metro city tend to choose wedding that will connect to nature. Bohemian style will give your spirit and soul freedom which is very hard to achieve when you are living in the concrete jungle of the city. Reception in the woods wedding venues in Austin, TX will also give your guests the chance to experience the beauty of nature. Ceremony in the woods is much solemn that in the city chapels.

For those family, friends and guests that are adventurous, you can invite them to stay with you over the night but you need to provide them with tent for a place for them to sleep. After the wedding celebration, you can have a bonfire. It is ideal to have someone that knows how to play instrument such as guitar for entertainment.

It is crucial that when you decide to go for a bohemian wedding in the woods, you have passion and love for nature because you will find such wedding style a bit peculiar. This kind of wedding style need to be environmental friendly, meaning, you should avoid using plastic that is against the law of environment conservation.

Don’t expect too much “bling” in the woods. The more natural the decoration you use, the Bohemian-like it will turn out. Bohemian wedding style will always connect to nature. When you choose the woods for the venue, you will discover that there are a lot of symbolism and meaning in trees. Texas has a lot of natural parks, you can use these places for your wedding cheap reception halls in Austin TX.

It is suggested for the bride to use vintage bohemian clothing instead of modern wedding dress with laces and herbs instead of flowers. Wedding in the woods will also help you to save money for your wedding budget. You can also use your venue in your wedding pictorial.

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