Serving Wedding Pies

pies2Although there is no standard on how to serve wedding pies in Houston, TX at wedding reception you may want to consider the ideas that you are about to acquire from this articles.


Wedding pies in Houston, TX is perfect for wedding favor. You can pack it in a very stylish to-go box ad tie it with silk ribbon. There are plenty designs online that are downloadable but if you don’t have the luxury of time you may want to consider purchasing a ready made in craft stores. You can put your initial in the box as well. Just make sure that before you pack these goodies you need to cool them down first. Such way they will stay fresh. Also you need to assure that the box has air passage to avoid moisture that may cause the pie from being spoiled.

Mini Pies

If you are planning to have various flavors for the wedding pies in Houston, TX it is recommended to serve them in bite size such way the guests will be able to try as many flavors as they can. You can label each tire with the flavor. This will allow the guests to determine what flavors they are about to try. It is ideal to have a them in multi-layer trays. You can garnish every tiers with the flavors they are made of. For example for apple pie you can put freshly cuts apple at the center. Be creative!

Dessert Bar

If you are one of those couples who are tired of having traditional cake then putting a pie dessert bar will add excitement to your wedding. It is similar to dessert buffet the only difference is that you are serving different flavors of wedding pies in Houston, TX. It would be great to have different design and sizes to make the pies more attractive. You can mix and match traditional flavors to modern flavors. Keep in mind that this dessert bar is exclusively for pies. Avoid incorporating other desserts. Also if you want to serve vegan pie you should label it so that your guests will easily spot it. You can also take a good photo shot here for your wedding album.

Tiered Pies

This is the best alternative to traditional wedding cake. There are some bakers who create multi-layer pies that are well decorated. The only downside for this type of serving is the cutting. However, you have option on using layered trays where you can place the pie to different tiers. Use different flavor for each layer. This will surprise your guests.

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