Cruise Line as Your Wedding Venue

If you think a wedding by the sea only happens in old romantic movies, then you are wrong. Everything is now possible that even an underwater wedding can now also be done. There are plenty of wedding venues in NYC area where you can have a romantic seashore wedding.

wedding venue

Either you get a wedding venue by the sea in New York City or aboard a ship docked in a port, you are assured that this is more romantic than the usual venue for wedding ceremony and reception.

A cruise wedding is now achievable for new couples that want to get married and for others who wish to have renewal of vows to strengthen their marriage. However, there are legal limitations if you want to do the ceremony by the captain of the cruise line.

Legalizing a wedding in a foreign port is quite tricky so it is important to have your wedding planner explain everything in detail to you to avoid future problems.

If you are in luck of getting a good cruise line for your wedding, there are some that have private islands. Imagine an exclusive island just for your wedding event as your wedding venue by the sea in New York City.

It is very recommended that you start planning your wedding by the sea a year and a half early. This will enable you have enough time to find which cruise line can provide you your wedding venue requirements. Get all the information you need and make sure that it is permitted to accommodate wedding events.

It is your wedding and you deserve all the best! Good thing, there are many wedding venue in the city of New York that can provide you beautiful scenery of the sea. With captivating wedding photos, a ceremony with a scenic view, a fabulous wedding reception, and the best place for your honeymoon, what else you can ask for?

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