Smart Ways to Save in Your Dress

Wedding Dress5Not all brides have the luxury to get expensive Charlotte wedding dress. However, there is no rule in wedding planning that there is the need for you to break the bank when getting a dress. If you are planning to skimp on cash, the best way is to gather some smart tips that will surely help you a lot.

The following are some of the creative tips derived by the professionals on how to save for your wedding dresses in Charlotte, NC:

(1) Avoiding customization and alteration

If you bought the dress for more than $2000, please make sure that you will have no more customization and alterations. If you try to change the sleeve or the neckline of the custom dress, there is a possibility that you are going to add at least $300 or more. If you buy a dress, make sure that everything is final so there will be no more extra expenses.

(2) Choosing a silhouette that is less formal

There is a saying that the more formal your dress is the more expensive the cost as well. It is highly advised that if ball gowns are less accessible for you, try other dresses that are more casual or informal. If you insist with the ball gown, you will need more fabric which is really costly.

(3) Simplification of the dress

If you have a classic gown, you can always tone down the price by simply ditching embellishments. Materials like beading and lace are really expensive these days. According to some fashion stylists, you can get rid of those bells and whistles.

(4) Always ask for the alternative

If you have a dream dress which is fully embellished or heavy with fabric, do not give up on that dream yet. You can always ask your dress maker to find alternative materials for the embellishments to make the cost cheaper. Instead of using the original fabric, look for alternative fabrics that have the same quality with the original one; in this way, you can still get the same style and silhouette in a very affordable price.

If you are receptive with what’s going on in the bridal dress market, you can be able to get wedding dresses in Charlotte, NC that are really affordable. There is no need for you to cripple your savings by spending too much; make every cent count so you will have remaining cash for other parts of your wedding planning.

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