Play the Right Party Music

When you’re arranging a wedding some of the factors that can make is successful is hiring a good wedding catering service in Denver, CO. Looking at all the different kinds of catering styles having a cocktail party style reception is all but bad. Some people may refer this style as a tapas reception but saying cocktail sounds more hip and modern but they’re exactly the same thing. Hors d’oeuvres are served and brought around the venue by waiters and drinks are either served at a bar or brought around the area as well.


When we are looking at a cocktail catering style for your wedding in Denver, CO we don’t think too much about the music. Unlike your conventional wedding you may not want to put a dance floor at the middle of your wedding venue. A tapas/cocktail reception has a bit more class to it and you can’t have club music playing while guests are trying to make conversation with each other, such idea is perfect if you are also into modern wedding photography. But on the other hand you may opt for this kind of option, but you will need to plan it properly, if you’re going to have your reception and ceremony in one place then you could have an hour or two of mingling then dancing after but of course food will still be served throughout the whole night.

It’s a matter of finding a good mix with it rather and you need to also look at the preferences of your guests if you think they will enjoy a nice quiet evening then you might not want to add a dance floor.

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