Preparing for an Outdoor summer wedding pictures

Outdoor wedding photography is very common during summer. JoeyTphotography for summer wedding pictures in Houston, TX is very popular because of their high quality photos.

Here are top tips in order to achieve the best photos just like JoeyTphotography for summer wedding pictures in Houston, TX:

  • Even if it’s summer, always come up with plan B, this is the most important thing that you need to have before anything else. Though summer is hot we can’t deny the fact that there is a chance of rains. Summer can have unpredictable weather. Always prepare a large outdoor tent so that you and the crew who take your wedding photographers in Houston can have shelters.
  • Always bring sun screen to protect your skin against UV.
  • Bring cold bottled water to cool down your body. It is very important to rehydrate yourself to keep going.
  • Avoid photo shoot after 11am. It’s during these times the sun is very hot and you will sweat like crazy if you continue having the sessions.
  • If there are swarms of bugs, avoid the area as much as possible. Don’t take any risk; your safety is far more important than the photographs. It is also advisable to avoid plants like poison ivy for it will irritate your skin.
  • Chose perfect location. You can have an outdoor photography in the zoo instead of going to jungle or forest. If you will be having a water theme wedding, you can visit a water park instead of going to the beach. When you are planning to have JoeyTphotography for summer wedding photography Houston it is important to be wise with the location.
  • Plan your picture ahead of time before the actual day. This will help you to save time. Spending a lot of time outside during hot weather will burn your skin.
  • Always use thin dress.
  • Before dealing with any service provider check the official website.

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