Bus Rental Service for the Wedding Party

bus2There is always a big difference when your wedding reception is stationed indoors versus outdoors. If you want to have more fun in your reception, you can rent the service of party bus rental for wedding in Houston, TX. However, this wedding party is mobile so it means that you will be moving around from one place to another while partying.

The idea of wedding party bus is really exciting. In fact, it has become the standard of partying for couples who are tired of booking hotel receptions. A party bus is fun because it also has impressive dance floors with poles, bars for beverages and washrooms for guests’ comfort.

Cost of the service

This kind of subject matter is a bit complicated to discuss since every company has its own rate. However, the general average cost of the service can run from $80 to $250 in an hourly basis depending on the type of bus being rented. Before you hire, make sure to check how much you are willing to shell out for the service. It can be somewhere in between or you can go with the $250 per hour if you have enough cash.

The cost of the service will also range if you have arrange for food and beverage of the company. If you will bring your own bar into the party bus then you can save cash. If you will serve liquor, make sure that the operator has liquor license.

Vehicle type

There are literally many options when it comes to renting this type of vehicle. According to experts, the options may range from a simple school bus that has been enhanced for the party to a newly acquired party bus complete with sound, light and bar system. You can also rent a mini bus type of vehicle if you will only need around 15 seats for the reception party. This type of option is perfect if you want to party with a small group. However, if your needs is higher, like 50 or more people, renting a minibus will be inadequate. Go with the bigger ones.

What more can you ask for if everything that you need in a stationary reception can be placed in a moving vehicle like a party bus. To help you iron out this deal ahead of time, make sure to work with legit provider of party bus rental for wedding in Houston, TX. The earlier you plan the better the outcome will become.

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