Tips in Having the Best Video as a Videographer

video1Wedding filming is not as easy as people try to make it out to be. It requires the videographer to be focused and alert for a few hours. There shouldn’t be any detail on that day that goes unnoticed. Here are some wedding videographer’s tips in New Orleans, LA to help you get the best footage you can that will be edited into awesome videos.

Shoot, Shoot, Shoot

A wedding is a special event that only lasts a few hours. You’re hired to capture those events forever on video. There is no time for breaks on this day.. Your job is get as much footage as humanly possible. The more you shoot, the more great stuff you’ll have to edit with. The more great stuff you have to edit with, the better the final video will be.

Have a Battery Charger Set Up

The night before the event is when you should pack your equipment and charge all of your batteries. When you arrive to the wedding the next day, you should find a secluded area where you can set up the battery charger, even though nothing needs to be charged yet. You should leave all but one of your spare batteries there. Keep that one spare in your pocket in case you need to do a change while you’re in the middle of shooting. When you have free moments, go back to the charger and recharge your dead batteries as they come.

Shoot Lots of Cutaways

You need to realize that when you do go to edit, the footage of you moving the camera looking for the next shot won’t make it into the video. Shoot a lot of ten second shots of random people and objects to use as cutaways in the edit. Cutaways are clips that we use to bridge together two other clips that don’t edit together smoothly.

Edit While You Shoot

If you’re going to edit the footage, then think about what you want to do. Knowing what choices you’re going to want to have when you edit will help you get that while you’re shooting. Being organized and having a plan is the best way to have a successful video.

Shoot Interviews

If you think you have the time, then try to shoot interviews of the bridal party and the parents of the bride and groom wishing the newlyweds the best in life. The married couple is going to watch this video for years to come and will always appreciate the kind words of their friends and family that day.

Act Professional

As the wedding videographer in New Orleans, LA, your job is to be a silent observer. Shoot as much footage you can without getting in anyone’s way. You don’t want anyone to notice you. This falls under the guideline of being professional. Remember too, a lot of your business is going to come through customer referrals. Give them a product that will blow them away, and they will be sure to tell their engaged friends about you.

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