Foods to Avoid for Weddings

wedding foodsWedding couples who are heading to the grocery store today to fill in their pantry or kitchen with fresh fruits, vegetables, poultry and snacks, you have something to crush out from your grocery list. Gluten-free breads, roasted nuts and organics are exempted, but find out if one of the items in the list is also in this list of foods you must exclude.

You may be planning to store some light snacks to keep your tummy full while you are preparing for the big day. Nevertheless, there are foods that you do not want to spoil your tummy’s condition during the wedding.

  1. Gum – you are not a goat, are you? Maybe for some it is kind of helping to relieve the stress of the wedding, but every chew you make you swallow air. The air accumulates in your belly that puffs it up leaving you bloated the entire wedding celebration.
  2. Dried Fruits – for many, this is the perfect snack. Each pack is loaded with vitamins and minerals. But wait, because each pack is also loaded of fructose, and fructose is a kind of sugar. It causes gas and water retention.
  3. Coffee – almost everyone loves a cup of the night before the wedding or hours before the wedding. It keeps you awake and for some it calms their body and mind. Not so much actually because it also messes your tummy. Coffee can make you acidic and bloated.
  4. Red Wine – keep your thirst for booze on hold until the toasts at the reception. If you will have a mini bridal shower inside the limo or in your room while preparing, skip the red wine. It is a notorious bloater, not just of the belly but also of the face.
  5. Granola – another snack choice considered by many a healthy one, which of course is true, but check the sugar levels, especially the bar or boxed granola. You might be surprised how one’s insulin levels could skyrocket high.

There are many snacks and foods you can include in your grocery list that will keep your pantry and tummy full. Just make sure the foods mentioned above are not in your list before you head to the grocery store.

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