Excellent Types of 3D Cakes

wedding cakeWhen it comes to wedding amazing 3D cake in Houston TX, there are a lot of designs that you can make use. Handcrafting the design of your cake simply means one thing–sky’s the limit. You can take any design as an inspiration. But since you will be serving it on a wedding celebration, picking the design should also be done carefully.

Here are some of the design ideas that you should consider:

1. Cars
3D cakes designed as cars are very attractive. Although achieving the design could be a little challenging for the maker, the outcome is really superb. At the top of the 3D car design, you can finish it with a couple holding hands as a topper. It’s a delight to see this kind of design–intimate and fun.

2. Flowers
If you are having a garden wedding, the best way to amaze your guests is to make your wedding cake look like real flowers. 3D wedding cake designers are usually expert on this one since it is a common demand from them. To make yours unique, focus on a certain ombre or palette.

3. Landmarks
If you got engaged in Paris then the place must be very memorable for you. You can also have that intimate landmark in your 3D cake. Yes, that is possible. You can pattern your wedding cake as Eiffel Tower. You will be surprised of the wonderful outcome.

4. Dress
Have you seen a 3D cake patterned as a bride’s dress? The outcome is really great as it looks like the miniature copy of the brides dress. It seems unreal but yes it is a cake. This will surely amaze everyone.

Wedding amazing 3D cake in Houston TX could be patterned in any type of design. Before you decide for your cake design, make sure you have laid down some choices, you can also see their portfolio or sample photos for your reference. You need to discuss it with your husband and the cake maker himself/herself.

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