Types of Indian Nuptial Decorations


Most people don’t realize that in Indian wedding, there are different types of decorations. This Indian wedding decoration for reception hall may vary depending on the day of wedding. There are the so called pre-wedding decoration and wedding day decorations.

Indian weddings are more elaborate when it comes to their ceremony as compared to other culture in the world. They last for a couple of days and even celebrated the pre and post wedding. Indian wedding decoration for reception hall may also vary depending on the region. Every region in India has its own way to decorate the wedding venue.

Pre-wedding Decorations – most of the time, post wedding decorations are being done by family members. This is the time when the bride receives presents and gifts from different people. Usually, the decorations for this day are impressive because they are intended for the bride. Coin bags, jewelry and gift tags are being hanged. The chairs are also being covered with expensive fabrics with intricate embroidery. You can also find some chained flowers made from jasmine to create flower canopies.

Wedding Day Decorations – since this is the actual day of marriage, wedding planners assure that the Indian wedding decoration for reception hall is being executed properly. Flowers and expensive fabrics are being place in the reception hall to create a magical ambiance. Though the decorations are intended to create romantic feelings, the wedding decorators assure that the decorations are lively and youthful.

The entire reception hall is also decorated with different types of carpet. During this day, the wedding decorations are extravagant and luxurious. The most common color that you can use is the red and gold. Candle lanterns are also being used during wedding day to make the venue lovable especially in wedding photos. This is also the day where mandap is decorated with the most beautiful flowers and fabrics. Find out more about DesiWeds decorations.

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