Know the Difference between the Two Styles

Let us take the time to look into two type of wedding catering styles in Washington, DC. One is a meal which you can share on a table which is sometimes referred to as family-style dinners, and the other is a meal that is served individually to each guests, sometimes consisting on 3-4 courses which is called your traditional sit-down or plated meal. Both unique in their own ways, buy similar. You won’t need to get up from your table and you will be served in courses. The only main difference in the two is that family style catering is like a meal you sit down with your family. You get platters of wedding food and you share it around the table.

Wedding CateringIn a way, a family style wedding catering dinner in Washington, DC is a great icebreaker for your guests. They will be inclined to pick up plates and pass it around the table in a way it could spark a conversation within the table. It’s also great because everyone at the table practically gets their food at the same time you just need to share it. You also get to pick which food you want to eat like on a buffet without needing to get up or stand in line. For sit-down meals you eat what you get, no choice in the matter.

The problem with family style receptions is that you need a big table for your guests. This in turn uses up more room on your venue which might require you to find a venue that can accommodate all the guest tables, the dance floor, DJ booth and many more. Think about this when renting a wedding venue.

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