Conflict-Free Loose Diamonds

loose diamonds for weddingDo you want to wear jewelry with diamonds coming from illegitimate sources? These diamonds are popularly called as ‘Blood Diamonds’. If you have watched Leonardo diCaprio’s film, then you probably have an idea where the diamonds come from and how they were found.

Diamonds harvested illegally cause a lot of negative effects to the nations in Africa and also to the environment. The civil wars and rebel uprisings have brought a lot of sufferings to many innocent people, especially children. Thus, many environmental advocates publicly promote the effects of these blood diamonds and how helpful it is to shop for conflict-free loose diamonds for wedding in San Diego, CA.

There are quite a number of jewelry stores that use only recycled diamonds. This means they do not accept diamonds that have been recently mined, but instead use diamonds from estate or vintage jewelries. One of the jewelry stores you can visit in San Diego is the Diamond Gallery SD.

Diamond Gallery SD houses hundreds of loose diamonds that every man and woman can choose from for their engagement and wedding rings. These diamonds also come with EGL or GIA reports. They also specialize in customized bridal and engagement rings, so you’ll definitely have a one of a kind jewelry piece.

The jewelry store purchases only conflict free diamonds from their suppliers. They proudly adhere and enforce the standards of the Kimberley Process. Different nations, government sectors, civil and industrial society worked together for this program to stop the supply and demand chain of conflict diamonds in San Diego, read more here about this topic.

If you are looking for a store selling loose diamonds for wedding in San Diego, CA, you better be thorough with your search and look a relative pictures. While maybe you are aware that these diamonds are mined, you probably have no idea how many people have been killed in order to have it mined and to be in the hands of rebel movements in order to finance their war against their government.

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